Prayer of Mercy For Orphans And Children

Loving Father, there is nothing that You cannot do and no one that is outside of Your sphere of knowledge. Your Word says that You defend the cause of widows and orphans, that you rescue the weak and needy and that You set the lonely in families.

I pray that You would work a mighty work in the lives of all those around the globe that are abandoned, orphaned or simply uncared for and provide for each of their needs according to Your riches in mercy and grace.

Raise up men, women and ministries that champion the cause of the defenceless and vulnerable. Be their rock of support, their fortress of safety, their shepherd and defender.

Protect the minds of those who have been exploited, and bring them to a knowledge of Jesus and also to a place of refuge, where they may learn of Your Father-heart of love for all those that are Your children. I pray this in Jesus' name,