Prayer for Orphans

Prayer Of Comfort For Those Orphaned Or Abandoned

Dear Lord Jesus, so many children around the world have become orphaned or abandoned for so many different reasons and have never known the love of a mother or father for them – Lord we know that You care for all people - but have a special heart for little children and orphans –

Watch over these children and young people, we pray. Comfort them in their trials and provide for them when they are in need. Educate them when they are abandoned, protect them from those that would take advantage of their vulnerabilities and heal the physical and emotional hurt that so many have had to face in their young lives.

And Father we ask that in Your grace that You would draw near to each one and bring them into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus – Meet each one at their point of need we pray and cover them with Your grace, in Jesus name we pray,


Prayer of Mercy for Orphans and Children

Loving Father there is nothing that You cannot do and no one that is outside of Your sphere of knowledge – Your word says that You defend the cause of widows and orphans – that you rescue the weak and needy and that You set the lonely in families.

We pray that You would work a mighty work in the lives of all those around the globe that are abandoned, orphaned or simply uncared for and provide for each of their needs according to Your riches in mercy and grace.

Raise up men, women and ministries that champion the cause of the defenceless and vulnerable. Be their rock of support, their fortress of safety – their shepherd and defender.

Protect the minds of those that have been exploited and bring them to a knowledge of Jesus and also to a place of refuge, where they may learn of Your Father-heart of love - for all those that are Your children.

Prayer For Ministries That Support Orphans

Lord Jesus, there are so many millions of children that have been orphaned or abandoned around the world - and we grieve for them in a world that seems to have lost its ability to care for the weak and help the defenceless.

Raise up we pray orphanages and ministries that will actively seek out and help those that are alone in the world. We pray for any outreach missions that actively seek to rescue those that that have been abandoned to a life when they have to fend for themselves and are facing severe hardships.

Provide the funds and food – the people and the amenities – the education and the equipment that are needed to keep the orphanages and ministries functioning and heal the hearts of those that have been damaged by the experience of finding them alone in the world.

Into Your hands Lord we place all children and young people that are alone in the world and may each one find the security for which they yearn and the opportunity to learn about the Lord Jesus and to know of His love for each of them, in Whose name we pray,


Prayer For Orphans

Loving Lord, we thank You that You care for the hurting and the disadvantaged– You care for the lost and the oppressed – You care for widows and orphans – and today we bring before Your throne of grace the many children in the world today that are having to live their early years, without the loving support of parents.

Look down in pity we pray on all who are alone and vulnerable in this evil world and Father we pray that You would draw close to all orphans and hurting children – supply their need and bring them into contact with those that will support, help and protect them from those who would prey on their innocence.

Loving Lord we ask that many of these fatherless children in our world today would hear the truth of the glorious gospel and be brought into Your kingdom – Lord we know that the day is coming when You will wipe away all tears from their eyes forever – but we also ask that You would provide for the many orphans throughout the world who are in need of a Saviour – in Jesus name we pray,


Prayer For Street Kids

Loving heavenly Father – how our hearts go out to the children and young people who have been abandoned or orphaned and have become. ‘street kids’. Father we ask that you would look down in pity and mercy on so many who have been drawn into drugs, prostitution, child labour or criminal activities.

Lord we ask that You would extend Your arm of mercy to these youngsters and rescue many who have been drawn into this grim life-style. We pray that you would provide the help needed for many to be found and set free from the difficulties they face – and we pray for each one, that they may hear the gospel of grace and come to know You as the loving Saviour and caring Father.

We pray for the many ministries that have undertaken to care for orphaned and abandoned children - that You may be lifted up in their ministries – we ask this in Jesus name,


Scripture Meditations on Orphans

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Dear Lord, my boyfriend is an orphan and my parents have never been there for me. We are both perfectionists and are very hard on ourselves and don't trust people. We have both agreed if we are not successful financially by the end of this year we will end our lives. I just wish there was hope for our futures.I submit them into your hands

Received: February 28, 2014