Prayer For Ministries That Support Orphans

Lord Jesus, there are so many millions of children that have been orphaned or abandoned around the world, and we grieve for them in a world that seems to have lost its ability to care for the weak and help the defenceless.

Raise up orphanages and ministries that will actively seek out and help those that are alone in the world. I pray for any outreach missions that actively seek to rescue those who have been abandoned to a life when they have to fend for themselves and are facing severe hardships.

Provide the funds and food, the people and the amenities, the education and the equipment needed to keep the orphanages and ministries functioning. And heal the hearts of those that have been damaged by the experience of finding themselves alone in the world.

Into Your hands Lord, I place all children and young people who are alone in the world. May each one find the security for which they yearn, and the opportunity to learn about the Lord Jesus and His love for each of them. In Jesus' name,