Prayers for Jealousy

Prayer For Godly Jealousy For The Things Of God

Loving Lord, I know that the jealousies of the flesh are ruinous and evil, and are abhorrent in Your eyes and yet You display a good and godly jealousy over Your children, and the things of God that are precious in Your sight.

Thank You, Lord, that You are jealous in that way over Your love for me. I thank You also for the godly jealous displayed by Paul over the church of God and pray that I too may develop a desire like him, to pray for Your protection of the church, from the evil ways of Satan who desires to lead believers astray, in the same way that he deceived Eve in the garden of Eden.

Help me more and more to develop a godly passion, a godly jealousy over the things of God. Help me not to perpetuate truth through compromise, nor water down the gospel of grace in order to maintain a false unity, but rather Lord, I pray that I may develop a passion for the truth as I seek to share the gospel of grace with all who are wiling to listen. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer To Overcome Jealousy

Loving Father, forgive me for my feelings of jealousy which I know are not righteous and very detrimental to my well-being, my health and my relationships. Keep me from looking at the attributes and achievements of others and wishing I had their gifts and graces. Help me Lord to develop an attitude of contentment and peace, which I know only comes from You.

Lord, sometimes my stupid jealousy has caused rifts between dear friends and me, and even has contributed to problems with my own family. This desire to have what belongs to others, or to enjoy the popularity and charisma that others seem to have, has become at times so stifling that I don’t know which way to turn, and I know that this is not Your will for my life.

Forgive me for my jealousies and help me to develop an attitude of gratitude for all that I am and all that I have. And Lord, I pray that You would give me the grace to change my thoughts from those of envy and jealousy to right thinking and pure thoughts.

Lord, I know that it says in scripture to think about whatever is true, and good, whatever is right and pure, whatever is lovely and admirable, and whatever is excellent and praiseworthy and to fix my mind on such things. Help me Lord to change my thought pattern from the bad to the good, for I know that all things are possible with you. I ask this in Jesus' name,


Prayer For People Who Are Struggling With Jealousy

Dear Lord, I bring before You the many people that are enmeshed in a web of envy and jealousy, which has a very detrimental effect on the lives of all who are caught up in its destructive ways. Lord I know that jealousy is like a cancer that rots a person from the inside out and it is a root that gives birth to other fleshly evils and unwholesome desires. Lord, I ask You to look down in compassion and pity all who have succumbed to this ruinous route.

Lord, I know that all good things comes from You and I pray that in Your grace, You would seek out those that do not yet know You, but who desire to turn from their envious and jealous attitudes. Draw them into a saving relationship with Yourself, Lord. And Lord, if there are believers who have jealous streaks in their heart, I pray that You would convict them of their need to turn from this destructive path so that they may return back into fellowship with Yourself.

Lord, if there are any hidden jealousies that are tucked away in my own heart, I pray that in Your grace, You would bring them to my attention so that I may confess them as my own struggles, even if I am unaware of them or have camouflaged them in my foolish pride. Thank You, Lord, that You died for each one of us and You do not turn Your back on any who cry out to You for help. So in Your love and compassion, I pray that even now You would draw very close to those that are sinking in a cess-pit of jealousy and draw them into Your arms. In Jesus' name,


To Stop Wishing I Was Someone Else

Dear Heavenly Father, I so often look at other people and simply wish I was like them, or have what they have, and Father it seems to be developing into an obsession, which frightens me Lord. Help me to overcome this obsessive jealousy of wishing I was someone else and of being envious of their opportunities and personalities.

Lord, I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that You scheduled every day of my life, and that You even know the numbers of hairs on my head. And in my heart I know that You died for me because you love me. Help me Lord, to be content with me and who I am, and please help me to overcome this desire to always be like someone else.

I pray Lord, that every time a feeling of jealousy or envy starts to creep into my thoughts, that You would help me to take that thought captive and hand it over to Jesus. Help me instead to fix my mind on You, and call to mind that You died on the cross and rose again because of Your love for me.

Thank You for loving me, and I pray that I may learn to become the person You made me to be, and be released from always wishing I was someone else. Thank You, in the name of Jesus Christ, my Saviour, 


Asking God to keep us away from jealousy

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Asking God to keep us away from jealousy
Received: August 23, 2015

For both jealousy and loneliness

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I've been divorced for almost 5 yes and I still have feelings of jealousy and bitterness towards my ex husband and his new gf. I try very hard to not feel this way, but I fail miserably. I ask that you pray with me and for me to finally let it go....
Received: July 27, 2015

Pray for my friend

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She made assumptions about me that weren't true. She's always I'd very critical of me. I asked her if we can talk in person about this she said yes but has been avoiding me. I just want you to agree with with me in prayer, that she will get delivered from her jealousy, and envy towards me.
Received: May 7, 2015

End of Jealousy

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i pray that this jealousy will end in people
Received: January 25, 2015

Here my prayer,oh Lord

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That I may be thankful and appreciative in every little things. Not wanting for the things and possessions which are temporal in nature, instead may be longing for the things that pleases God and lasts forever.Help me Lord in everyday, all the way.Amen.
Received: November 20, 2014