Prayer For Godly Jealousy For The Things Of God

Loving Lord, I know that the jealousies of the flesh are ruinous and evil, and are abhorrent in Your eyes and yet You display a good and godly jealousy over Your children, and the things of God that are precious in Your sight.

Thank You, Lord, that You are jealous in that way over Your love for me. I thank You also for the godly jealous displayed by Paul over the church of God and pray that I too may develop a desire like him, to pray for Your protection of the church, from the evil ways of Satan who desires to lead believers astray, in the same way that he deceived Eve in the garden of Eden.

Help me more and more to develop a godly passion, a godly jealousy over the things of God. Help me not to perpetuate truth through compromise, nor water down the gospel of grace in order to maintain a false unity, but rather Lord, I pray that I may develop a passion for the truth as I seek to share the gospel of grace with all who are wiling to listen. In Jesus' name I pray,