Prayer For People Who Are Struggling With Jealousy

Dear Lord, I bring before You the many people that are enmeshed in a web of envy and jealousy, which has a very detrimental effect on the lives of all who are caught up in its destructive ways. Lord I know that jealousy is like a cancer that rots a person from the inside out and it is a root that gives birth to other fleshly evils and unwholesome desires. Lord, I ask You to look down in compassion and pity all who have succumbed to this ruinous route.

Lord, I know that all good things comes from You and I pray that in Your grace, You would seek out those that do not yet know You, but who desire to turn from their envious and jealous attitudes. Draw them into a saving relationship with Yourself, Lord. And Lord, if there are believers who have jealous streaks in their heart, I pray that You would convict them of their need to turn from this destructive path so that they may return back into fellowship with Yourself.

Lord, if there are any hidden jealousies that are tucked away in my own heart, I pray that in Your grace, You would bring them to my attention so that I may confess them as my own struggles, even if I am unaware of them or have camouflaged them in my foolish pride. Thank You, Lord, that You died for each one of us and You do not turn Your back on any who cry out to You for help. So in Your love and compassion, I pray that even now You would draw very close to those that are sinking in a cess-pit of jealousy and draw them into Your arms. In Jesus' name,