To Stop Wishing I Was Someone Else

Dear Heavenly Father, I so often look at other people and simply wish I was like them, or have what they have, and Father it seems to be developing into an obsession, which frightens me Lord. Help me to overcome this obsessive jealousy of wishing I was someone else and of being envious of their opportunities and personalities.

Lord, I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that You scheduled every day of my life, and that You even know the numbers of hairs on my head. And in my heart I know that You died for me because you love me. Help me Lord, to be content with me and who I am, and please help me to overcome this desire to always be like someone else.

I pray Lord, that every time a feeling of jealousy or envy starts to creep into my thoughts, that You would help me to take that thought captive and hand it over to Jesus. Help me instead to fix my mind on You, and call to mind that You died on the cross and rose again because of Your love for me.

Thank You for loving me, and I pray that I may learn to become the person You made me to be, and be released from always wishing I was someone else. Thank You, in the name of Jesus Christ, my Saviour,