Prayer For Christmas Day

Lord Jesus, we lift up our voices of prayer and praise today as we think especially of Your birth on that first Christmas morning. Lord, many people today will be celebrating Christmas Day with little or no understanding that in coming to earth in the form of a man, You came to die so that all who believe on Your name might be saved from their sins and have life, and have it more abundantly.

As the story of the shepherds and the wise men are sung about in carols and acted out in classrooms, and as television programmers once again review the birth of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, we pray that Your Holy Spirit will convict the hearts of many who have dismissed the truth of Christmas as a nice little story.

Bring many we pray, to see Christmas in a new light this year, and may they come to an understanding of the real meaning of Your birth at Bethlehem, so that they may see the Christmas story this year in all its glorious beauty. May Your holy name be lifted up and may Jesus Christ be glorified this Christmas for You alone deserve all honour and glory. In Jesus' name we pray,