Prayers for a Peace of Mind

Prayer For Peace In A World In Turmoil

Heavenly Father, I come to You today knowing that the world seems to be a melting pot of stress and anxiety. The world seeks after peace and yet Lord, we know that there is no peace outside of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Look down in pity on those that do not know You and who have foolishly turned from the true and living God to the false promises of peace from fallen man and corrupt governments.

Thank You, that You are a good God Whose yoke is easy and Whose burden is light, and yet there are many who have been taught lies and untruths about Who You are. Lord, there are many that have been brought up in an environment of hatred and violence who have not heard of Your name or have been fed a tissue of lies about the Lord Jesus Christ, and yet He is the only hope for true peace in this world. Lord, I pray that in Your grace You would convict many of their need of the Lord Jesus and that many would be saved from the jaws of death.

Look down in mercy on those that are unsaved in this warring world and turn their hearts towards the Lord Jesus, their Saviour and the only Prince of Peace, in Whose name I pray,


Prayer For Peace Of Mind In This Troubled World

Loving Lord, still my heart and quiet my soul before You I pray, that may I learn to wait upon You and hear Your still small voice. Let Your perfect peace flood my mind, for You are my strength and my sufficiency. You are my all in all.

Protect my mind I pray, from the clamour and intrigue of this world system that so often fills my heart with fears and deflects my thoughts away from You, so that I may rest in Your arms of love and be filled with Your perfect peace that passes understanding.

Help me to take every thought captive, and when the difficulties of this complex world seek to manipulate my attention away from You, may I fix my mind on Jesus, knowing that He is the Author and Finisher of my faith and my Prince of Peace, in Whose name I pray.

Thank You Lord, for Your promise that You will keep us in perfect peace when our minds is centred in You.


Prayer To Rest In You Perfect Peace

Help me Father, to take You at Your Word and not to worry about the things of this life. Lord, I confess that I do have a tendency to get worried about the little things in life and yet I know that this is demonstrating a lack of trust in the truth of Your Word, for You have promised to supply all our needs according to Your riches in mercy.

Help me Lord, to put my trust in You day by day. I know that You have told us, not to let our hearts be troubled and to trust in You in all circumstances of life. Help me Lord, when fear starts to well up in my heart, to turn it over to You straight away, to fix my eyes on the Lord Jesus and to rest in Your promises of peace.

Thank You for all that You have provided for me throughout my life, my life and my home, my family and friends, my health and strength, the many benefits that You shower on me day by day. Most of all, thank You for dying for me on the cross so that I may live forever with You in heaven. I do love you Lord, and I pray that in the days that lie ahead, I would turn to You as soon as the first negative thought crosses my mind and ask that You would replace it with Your prefect peace. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer For Strength And Peace

Father, I believe that You are the One Who gives strength to Your people and blesses them with both peace and grace, and I thank You for the many times that I have received from You the strength to continue and the peace of mind to retain my trust in You, even when things of life seem to be in an utter turmoil.

Continue to provide me with Your perfect peace of mind that passes man’s understanding, and provide me I pray, with the strength to face the difficulties in life that can so often causes our hearts to fail for fear of what is coming on the earth. In the power of Your Spirit, give me I pray, the strength to stand firm in the evil day, knowing that Your grace is sufficient for all eventualities, for Your strength is made perfect in my weakness and in my dependence upon You.

Lord, the world is certainly causing the hearts of many people to tremble, but I pray that my faith in You will stand firm to the end, that my peace in You will never be shaken and that You will give me sufficient strength to deal with every eventuality that comes into my life.

Though the mountains may be shaken and though the hills may be removed, yet I pray that my unfailing love for you will not be shaken and Your promise of peace will not be removed. Thank You that my strength and my peace is in You alone. In Jesus' name,


Prayer Against Stress And Anxiety

Father, I come before You today as I feel weighed down by the increasing numbers of burdens and battles, stresses and strains that seem to be building up in my life.

Lord, I know that You are faithful and true, and I pray that You would take from me each and every heavy burden that I am carrying today, just as You have promised. Lord, I give You each stressful situation, each hurtful word and every difficult circumstance of life that seems to be bearing down so heavily upon me.

You have said in Your Word that Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light and that when I cast all my cares upon You and lay all my burdens down at Your feet, I will find rest for my soul. Lord, I need that rest now, for I am weary and heavy-laden, but I am looking to You for my trust is in You.

Enable me to rest beside Your still waters of refreshment and sleep in Your arms of comfort. Give me I pray, that perfect peace that only flows from You to those that have their mind stayed on You. Keep my heart and mind focussed on Jesus I pray, and help me not to be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication make my requests known to You, with a thankful heart.

Thank You for You are a good and faithful God. In Jesus' name I pray,


To Develop A Peaceful State Of Mind

Loving Heavenly Father, thank You that I am Your child. Thank You, that You sent the Lord Jesus into the world to be my Saviour and thank You that by His death He has brought me into Your family.

Father, I know that in Your Word tells us not to worry about anything, but rather to cast all of our burdens upon You, and Father, I truly want to do this, but at times I find it so difficult to put this into practice. Lord, at times the circumstances that I am facing are very hard to bear and too often I find myself in an attitude of worry and anxiety.

Help me to develop a peace of mind that only comes from casting all my burdens upon You. Help me I pray, to take my eyes off the circumstances of life that seem so burdensome to me and to learn how to keep my eye fixed upon Jesus, for I know that this is what You have instructed us to do, and only in this way can we enjoy the perfect peace that comes from You.

Lord, You have promised to keep all those in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You. Help me I pray, to keep the eyes of my heart firmly trained on Jesus every moment of the day and flood my life with Your perfect peace of mind that passes our human understanding. In Jesus' name I pray,


prayer for giving

Discernment in my walk with God

Prayed for 48 time. I Prayed For This
Please Lord give me clarity in my walk with You. Allow me to know that You are making my crooked places straight and that you have amazing things in store for me. God You said this would be a year of abundance in my finance and blessings the relationship I have longed for. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY.. AMEN thank you for all those who believe in prayer.
Received: January 29, 2015

Give me peace !

Prayed for 57 time. I Prayed For This
Dear Lord - please give me peace when worry and doubt come y way and let me not dwell on that .Let me be able to fix my mind only on you .Thank yo Jesus
Received: June 28, 2014

Mental healing for my family

Prayed for 21 time. I Prayed For This

Dear Lord, I pray for your healing of my mother, sisters brother and niece, who are suffering from mental health issues, and are tempted by evil. Be with them, protect them, draw them closer to you. Amen

Received: October 31, 2013

Healthy Mind

Prayed for 59 time. I Prayed For This

Dear God, it's been 12 years since my mind began to get twisted due to bipolar disorder. I'm constantly depressed and many times and don't deal well with people, I hurt their feelings. The drugs I take are not effective and medicine says that bipolar disorder doesn't have a cure. But I do know that my savior Jesus can heal me and I pray for this every day, I do believe in His miracles.

Received: October 30, 2013

For Peace of mind

Prayed for 37 time. I Prayed For This

Heavenly Father grant me the peace of mind that I have been searching for. Please kindly forgive me my sins, and cleanse me again .I know I have been doing evil things. Dear Lord I want to leave that life, I am tired of serving the devil. Dear Lord grant me my wish.

Faith Gitonga
Received: October 13, 2013