To Develop A Peaceful State Of Mind

Loving Heavenly Father, thank You that I am Your child. Thank You, that You sent the Lord Jesus into the world to be my Saviour and thank You that by His death He has brought me into Your family.

Father, I know that in Your Word tells us not to worry about anything, but rather to cast all of our burdens upon You, and Father, I truly want to do this, but at times I find it so difficult to put this into practice. Lord, at times the circumstances that I am facing are very hard to bear and too often I find myself in an attitude of worry and anxiety.

Help me to develop a peace of mind that only comes from casting all my burdens upon You. Help me I pray, to take my eyes off the circumstances of life that seem so burdensome to me and to learn how to keep my eye fixed upon Jesus, for I know that this is what You have instructed us to do, and only in this way can we enjoy the perfect peace that comes from You.

Lord, You have promised to keep all those in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You. Help me I pray, to keep the eyes of my heart firmly trained on Jesus every moment of the day and flood my life with Your perfect peace of mind that passes our human understanding. In Jesus' name I pray,