Prayers for Unsaved Wives

Prayer For An Unsaved Spouse

Thank You, Lord, that You always hear and answer the prayer that is asked in faith and in accordance with your will, and Lord I lift up my wife to You now, knowing that she has not accepted Jesus as her Saviour and we seem to be drifting further and further apart from each other, as our whole outlook on life has become so very different.

Lord, I know You are full of mercy and goodness and I pray that You would change the heart of my wife so that she develops a deep desire to know You and to trust You and to follow You.

I pray that You would use me to be an example to my spouse. Give me wisdom to know how to respond to some of her negativity and give me the mind of Christ I pray, so that I may respond in spirit and in love, accordance with your will. Lord, I pray that my wife will one day be saved. In Jesus' name,


For Continued Strength To Pray For Unbelieving Wife

Heavenly Father, for so long I have prayed for my wife to come to faith in Jesus and it seems like the years are turning into decades and Lord, at times it seems that her heart is becoming hardened towards the gospel.

Dear Lord, I pray that whatever it takes, that You would bring my wife to faith in Jesus. Lord, in a way I know that it is dangerous to pray, “whatever it takes,” but I know that Your plans and purposes for each of our lives are connected to eternity and so Father, whatever it takes, I pray she would be saved. 

Into Your hands I offer this pleading prayer for my wife, that she may come to faith in Jesus no matter what it takes, and I will praise Your name for ever and ever,


Husband’s Prayer For His Unsaved Wife

Dear Father God, You tell us in You Word that it is not Your will that any should perish but that all should come to repentance and to faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour. Thank You, Lord, for my salvation but I want to offer up my heartfelt prayers and supplication, for the salvation of my wife.

Lord, I did not realise the importance of being unequally yoked to an unbeliever but now I am beginning to understand the tremendous difficulties that arise when one spouse is an unbeliever. But I love my wife Father, and it breaks my heart to think that she does not have the promise of eternal life.

Father, I ask that You would convict her of her need of Jesus and bring her into a saving relationship with Yourself. Give me the wisdom and strength I pray, to share the gospel with her, not only in what I say but in how I live.

Lord, You have promised that whatsoever we ask in the name of Jesus will be granted, as long as it is in line with Your will, and I know it is Your will that my wife should be saved, so I ask You to work a mighty work in Her life and draw her into a relationship with Yourself. In Jesus' name I pray, 


Prayer For A Separated Unsaved Wife

Dear God, thank You for saving me, and Lord, although my faith in You has had a big positive impact on much of my life, it has had a negative impact on my relationship with my wife.

Father, You know that my wife and I have grown so distant since I trusted in Jesus, and now we have become separated, and she is even seeking a divorce, which is causing me much distress. Father, although it saddens my heart so much, I just want to leave this pain in Your hands, and ask You Lord to heal the hurt that I feel, for Your grace is sufficient. I also ask that You would soften her heart towards You.

Lord, I pray that if it is possible, You would bring us back together and reunite us into our marriage relationship, but no matter what happens between us Lord, I pray that she may one day come to trust in the Lord Jesus as her Saviour, and be brought into Your heavenly kingdom. This I ask in Jesus' name,



Prayed for 6 time. I Prayed For This
Firstly Father, I am very sorry that i have in the past let you down. I lost faith in jesus years ago and went my own way and i sinned against you and you alone. I lived a life that was not according to your will, even though at the time i thought i was living a life with you in it. But truth was i denied Jesus as my lord and saviour and by doing so; my relationship with you was distorted. Thank you Father that even though i was unfaithful you proved to be faithful thoughout. recently you proved to me that Jesus is indeed my Lord and saviour and you showed me parts of my life which you was angry with me and wanted me to change. You gave me the option to spend a life time with my partner that you did not choose for me or an eternity with you. I chose an eternity with you Lord and just as i was about to finish my relationship, you gave my girlfriend your word which was "it was like a test that abraham had to go though" and you told her to tell me this. I remembered that earlier you gave me the thought that the trial i was enduring was a test like abraham also, i believed that the word is from you Father that you tested me to see if i would leave her and once i did you said stop "marry her"! I really hope so, sometimes i doubt lord, but the conviction of your spirit was so strong that night. I love you God with all my heart, i love you because you loved me first and sent your son to die for me. When i lose faith in your son i am lost and still in my sin. Talking to my future wife that i believe you want me to be with, it seems that she has not quite excepted Jesus as her saviour yet. Please Lord i beg you show her according to your love and will. I realise the difficulties that can occur when we are yoked with unbelievers. Please spare me the heartache and bless our love for one another. I truely believe that she is a gift that you gave me, she is my soul mate and companion on this earth, i want to be able to share our relatiomship and have you as our centre Lord Jesus. I sorry if i doubt you. I am sorry that recently i have been depressed also, i think about the world, the people that are unsaved and i think of myself and realise how lucky i am to be saved and forgiven for my sins. i have been crying alot thinking about loved ones going to hell and have been researching about universalism christianity, about life after death, about there is a hell, there isn't a hell, that the lost just die, i haven't been putting my faith in the loving God i came to know and how awesome your works are. You know what is going to happen before it happens, you cannot tolerate sin and you discipline leads to repentance, mercy and love. I repent lord, please help me and Bonnie and bless us. I love you God, i love you and accept that you and Jesus are ONE! You are the God that saves and we need you. In Jesus name i pray, Amen
Received: May 11, 2015