For A Young Couple That Have To Sell Their Home

Dear Lord, I bring this young couple that are having to sell their house, and Lord I know that this is a very stressful time for them, but I pray that You would be there to lead and guide them in all the decisions that they have to make, in this house-sale.

Father, I pray that they would hand all their anxiety over to You and that in Your grace and mercy, You would lead and direct them in the process of moving home. May they see Your hand of blessing working in every step that they are having to take.

Father, I pray that they would look to You to be their estate agent, and to look to You to be the One that will locate the right buyer for them. And Father, I pray that in Your grace You would go ahead and bring the right buyer into their lives. You know who will buy their home and I pray for them as well, that You will guide them to this home. 

Lord, I pray that this experience of house-moving will turn out to be a time when this dear young couple come to put their trust in You more and more as they see Your hand of grace guiding them along the right path for their lives. I pray this in the precious name of Jesus,