Prayer For A Separated Unsaved Wife

Dear God, thank You for saving me, and Lord, although my faith in You has had a big positive impact on much of my life, it has had a negative impact on my relationship with my wife.

Father, You know that my wife and I have grown so distant since I trusted in Jesus, and now we have become separated, and she is even seeking a divorce, which is causing me much distress. Father, although it saddens my heart so much, I just want to leave this pain in Your hands, and ask You Lord to heal the hurt that I feel, for Your grace is sufficient. I also ask that You would soften her heart towards You.

Lord, I pray that if it is possible, You would bring us back together and reunite us into our marriage relationship, but no matter what happens between us Lord, I pray that she may one day come to trust in the Lord Jesus as her Saviour, and be brought into Your heavenly kingdom. This I ask in Jesus' name,