Prayer For An Unsaved Spouse

Thank You, Lord, that You always hear and answer the prayer that is asked in faith and in accordance with your will, and Lord I lift up my wife to You now, knowing that she has not accepted Jesus as her Saviour and we seem to be drifting further and further apart from each other, as our whole outlook on life has become so very different.

Lord, I know You are full of mercy and goodness and I pray that You would change the heart of my wife so that she develops a deep desire to know You and to trust You and to follow You.

I pray that You would use me to be an example to my spouse. Give me wisdom to know how to respond to some of her negativity and give me the mind of Christ I pray, so that I may respond in spirit and in love, accordance with your will. Lord, I pray that my wife will one day be saved. In Jesus' name,