Prayers for Surgery

Prayer For A Friend Facing Surgery

Heavenly Father, I thank and praise You that through the Lord Jesus Christ we are able to come before You and bring our prayers and praises before Your throne of grace. Thank You that You are a God Whose power is still mighty to save and heal, as it was in times of old, and thank You that You are still our God whose healing power can touch each of our infirmities.

Lord, I bring before You our dear friend Who is having to face surgery and Lord although this is quite a daunting prospect, Father I pray that Your peace that passes all understanding would flood their hearts so that they may find true rest for their soul in You. Help them not to fret or worry at the prospect of the difficulty of the operation or be anxious about the outcome, but rather place everything into Your gracious hands, knowing that You cause everything to work together for good to those who love God.

Help them Lord, not to be apprehensive about anything, but rather to trust their lives and their futures into Your loving hands, knowing that every day of our life is scheduled by You and that nothing takes You by surprise. 

May the doctors and nurses be given the wisdom and skill to carry out this operation successfully. In Jesus' name,


Prayer When Facing Invasive Surgery

Heavenly Father, You know that I am having to face some invasive and unpleasant surgery and I come to You to ask You to keep my mind looking to Jesus and not to be anxious about anything, but be prepared to leave all things into Your gracious and willing hands.

Lord, Your Word tells me not to be anxious about anything but to come to You in prayer and place all my concerns and supplications before You and that You will give me Your peace in my heart that passes understanding. That is what I am doing now Lord. I am asking for You to be with me as I face this upcoming operation and keep my heart calm. Keep me from imagining all that could go wrong for I trust myself and my operation into Your hands.

Lord, I am asking You to be with me as the surgeons operates on me and pray that You would undertake in all things. I pray that You would guide the hands of the surgeon and nurses and give them the skill they need so that this operation may be a success, and I also pray that You will bring me back to health and strength in the days that lie ahead, to Your praise and glory.

Lord, I believe that You are interested in this surgery I am facing and know that You care for me as You do for all Your children. I pray that I will not fear what is ahead but simply trust You in all things. Father, I do believe that our times are in Your hands and that nothing happens to us that is not in Your permissive will and which will turn out for our eternal benefit. Help me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith, in Whose name I pray,


Prayer For A Husband Undergoing Surgery

Dear God, my husband is undergoing surgery and I feel so alone when he is not around. Lord, please help me to trust You in this situation. I realise that all the securities upon which I have been resting are being taken down one by one, including my husband upon whom I rely so heavily.

Lord Jesus, I know that I could become fearful and afraid, knowing that I have depended upon him so much in the past. But Lord, I can also see Your hand in this for I know that in my heart that it is You upon Whom I should depend and You in Whom I should place my trust, and Lord, that is what I am doing now. Be with us both I pray. Uphold us with Your righteous right hand and keep us trusting fully in You for the right and best outcome and for the strength to go through this surgery.

Lord, I do lift up my heart in prayer to You and ask that You would be with my husband and me as he faces this operation. I pray that You would give the doctors and nurses the skill to bring him back to full health and strength. But no matter what the outcome, I pray that You would give us the strength to trust all our tomorrows into Your hands, for I believe that Your grace is sufficient for all our trials and tests in life. Father, I pray that as unpleasant as this operation is, that through it You would draw us closer to You and to each other. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer For My Recovery Following Surgery

Heavenly Father, I thank You for bringing me safely through this surgery and for the many doctors and nurses that were involved in my operation. Thank You, Lord, for being with me and with the family as I faced this time in hospital and thank You Lord, that Your everlasting arms are ever underneath to uphold and support each one of us through these difficult seasons of life.

Father, I ask that You would give me a speedy and safe recovery. Help me to be patient, should my recovery not be as quick as I would like it to be, but may it also be a time when I learn to rest in Your love. Oh, but Lord, I do thank You that You have promised that our times are in Your hands and I know that You overshadow every aspect of our lives. Lord I pray that during this time of convalescence that You would give me a peace that comes only from You, and keep me from fretting about my inability to do as much as when I am in full health and strength.

Lord, You know that I am generally quite busy and often find that I arrive at the end of the day having had little quality time with You, but I pray, with all my heart, that this time of recovery would be a time when I draw closer to You than I have ever drawn before. I ask this in the name of Jesus my Lord and Saviour, 


Prayer For My Wife’s Surgery

Dear Father God, please be with my dear wife as she faces this operation. Oh Lord, so often we travel through life without a care or worry, until something like this lands in our laps, and Lord I am sorry that I have not been as faithful in my prayers to You. Nonetheless, I pray that You would hear my plea and see fit to bring my wife through this operation, and restore her back to full health and strength.

Lord, it is at times like these that we are brought to a sudden realisation of how much friends, family and especially my wife mean to me and I know that in many respects I have taken my wife for granted. But I do thank You for her love and devotion to me and to You Lord Jesus, and pray that You would give her the peace that only comes from You and the strength to go through this operation, trusting You in all things.

Give those that are involved in the surgery the necessary wisdom and skill to carry out the operation well, so that she returns to full health and strength in the days that lie ahead. I do thank You Lord that You are a faithful God. Thank You for hearing my prayer and I pray that Your name would be glorified through this and that we both draw closer to You. In Jesus' name,


Friend undergoing surgery

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Dear Lord please lay your healing hands upon Amber today. Please provide her with peace as she goes into surgery and take away all her fears. I ask that the doctors and nurses are provided with the wisdom, patience and compassion needed for this difficult surgery. We give all glory and praise to you our Lord!
Received: July 27, 2015

Prayer for Elaine ' s surgery

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Lord, I lift up Elaine to you today. She is having intestinal surgery. I pray that her recovery is quick and the procedure is successful. In Jesus' name. Amen.
Received: July 15, 2015

My Sister

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Lord I pray to you for healing of Jennifer. Please give her the strength to overcome her eye surgery. Lay your healing hands on the Doctors, Specialist & Nurses so they may carefully & successfully cure her during her operation. May she be courageous as she always is and strong during the process. I pray for her full healing & recovery. For I know through you, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. God Bless her with peace, vision, health & happiness for all her life. In Jesus Name,I pray, Amen.
Received: April 24, 2015

For my wife undergoing a major operation this hour

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I pray that God touches my wife with His healing hands and provides the Surgeons, anesthesists, OB/GYs and nurses the absolute wisdom to be able to handle this surgery successfully to His glory. May He manifest Himself again as Jehovah Rapha and may His name be glorified even in this condition. May the post-surgical recovery be remarkable with no complications, and may there be total healing and no recurrence of this case. May this affliction not strike a second time, In Jesus Name.
Received: April 13, 2015

For my wife to undergo bladder surgery

Prayed for 97 time. I Prayed For This
Please Lord be with my wife as she faces this operation. Please give those that are operating the skill to carry out the operation successfully. Please also have them able to complete this in one operation and that the recovery and healing process will be minimal. Amen
Received: April 1, 2015

Prayer fo my self have cyst in my nose prayer for the surgeon

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Dear Lord, l'm praying to be strong, and may the mighty hand of protection pray that doctors will be under your divine protection, amen.
kurirayi kapungu
Received: March 30, 2015

Having cyst in my nose removed

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Dear Lord lm praying to be strong, and may the mighty hand of protection be upon us. I pray that the doctors will be under your divine protection amen.
Received: March 28, 2015

For my friend

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I am praying for her surgery to go great today and for her to have a fast recovery!
Received: March 27, 2015

Prayer for my husband Michael

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Lord Jesus have your mighty hand of protection on my husband and keep his mind in your perfect peace. as he prepares for his knee replacement surgery . I pray that his doctor and the staff will be under your divine guidance. And that he will be whole and well again soon.
Received: March 25, 2015

Its in your hands now

Prayed for 39 time. I Prayed For This
Dear Lord, I have surgery tomorrow morning on my neck and im freaking out. Last surgery didnt go too well so im hoping and praying that tomorrow surgery goes alot better and I pray father if you can please give me the strength yo get thru this. With a fast recovery. Amen
Received: March 12, 2015

Heart Complications

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I pray for my friend's husband who is having a heart procedure today. God in Heaven, please guide the doctors and nurses who care for our loved ones - especially today for Bobby. Please help him to place his trust and faith in You our Dear Lord Jesus. Amen.
Received: March 6, 2015

Out of Surgery

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Dear Lord, She is doing very well. We get to see her in a few minutes. She'll have the tube in until tomorrow, the doctor will come and see how it is going before taking it out. She will need to have a two week checkup to make sure it isn't growing back. Thanks again to everyone for the prayers, thank you Lord.
Received: March 6, 2015


Prayed for 13 time. I Prayed For This
My 80 year old father who is battlling prostate cancer is having inquinal aneurysm surgery tomorrow morning. His name is Jose H Mendoza
Melinda Claveran
Received: February 13, 2015

Open Heart Surgery for Father-in-Law

Prayed for 18 time. I Prayed For This
Heavenly Father, my Father-in-law, John, is 80 years young and facing open heart surgery for one bypass and replacement of his heart valve. He is particularly anxious as his mother died on the operating table from heart valve replacement surgery. My fragile mother-in-law is very dependent upon her husband. We ask in Jesus' name, that you would enable this surgery to be a success, that you would grant the doctors skill and wisdom and restore John to his vigorous self. We also pray that this brush with death would enable John to enter more deeply into Your loving heart than he has ever experienced before. Amen.
Marjorie Lewis
Received: February 11, 2015

Mothers heart valve surgery

Prayed for 44 time. I Prayed For This
Dear LOrd, My Mother is 78 with severe aorta stenosis surgery Jan 14. I hope she is fixed and recovered fully Lord... she also has one non functioning kidney with a stubborn calico stone in it. I lift her into your hands
Received: January 13, 2015