Prayers for Hospital Patients

Prayer For All Those Working In Hospitals

Dear Father God, thank You for all those that have chosen to work in our hospitals and clinics so that they may help others who are seriously ill or needing some specialist health care.

Bless the nursing staff and doctors, and all those that make up the different medical teams, the various therapist, anaesthetists and surgeons, as well as the admin staff and ancillary workers. Bless each staff member, all of whom are so vital to the smooth running of our health centres and hospitals.

Give each one the wisdom and patience to work in this stressful environment, and may Your quiet calmness and peace settle in their hearts, as they work together to care for all their patients.

May our clinics and hospitals be truly caring environments and prevent those who work in them from becoming impersonal or disinterested in those for who they care, but rather may the love of Jesus show forth in each one. I pray that many of our hospital staff who do not yet know You, may come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord. 


Prayer For Children In Hospital

Loving Lord Jesus, You were the one Who encouraged the little children to come to You and placed Your hands on them to bless them. Lord, I bring the many children that are in hospital tonight, facing so many different sicknesses and illnesses.

Draw very close to each little life that is facing hospitalisation, and give them courage and peace in their hearts. I pray You would bring each one quickly back to full health and strength.

Give the doctors and nursing staff and all those that are involved with their wellbeing during their time in hospital, patience and skill as they treat each little life. And I ask that You would comfort the families of children and especially other siblings and parents, knowing that separation from home and family can be a frightening experience for all concerned. Guard each one and be with each one, and draw them closer into the arms of the Lord Jesus. 


Prayer For Those In Hospital During The Night

Loving Lord, I pray for all those that are in hospital tonight and who are facing long nights away from home with little sleep and who are bereft of their families and home comforts.

Be close to each one in hospital tonight, especially those that are finding sleep and rest so difficult. Be near to those that are frightened or disorientated, and may Your peace and hope fill many hearts tonight.

Lord You are the God of comfort and rest, and I pray that You would pour out that peace and comfort and joy that only comes from knowing You, onto those in hospital tonight. I pray there will be open hearts tonight, ready and willing to come to Christ Jesus as Saviour, so that You can pour that perfect peace that passes all understanding into their hearts and minds tonight. I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus,


Prayer For Those In Hospital Emergencies

Dear Heavenly Father, I bring before You the many people who have been admitted into hospital today, facing emergency operations or who have been rushed into hospital due to some serious illness or accident. Be with each one, and may Your love and peace strengthen and help each one at this traumatic time.

Be with the families and friends of all who are going through the sudden shock of seeing a loved one being rushed into hospital, and may they find their strength and support in You.

Comfort each heart and dry each tear I pray. Support those that are weak and who are crying out in pain or confusion, and Lord, I pray that in Your grace, You would draw many to discover their hope in You.

Send Your perfect peace that passes understanding into those that trust in Your Son as Saviour, and may this be a time that draws them ever closer into Your arms of love. In Jesus' name, 


New Hospital Patient’s Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you a little confused and a little afraid as I have had to be admitted to hospital and Lord, I am a little frightened and apprehensive as well. Support me I pray, and be with me through all the tests and things that I have to go through, and Lord, I ask that I would be able to return home soon.

Be with my family I pray, and all those that I love and keep them from worrying. And Lord, I also ask that You would be with the other patients in this ward as there seem to be many people that are lonely and even seem lost.

Help me Lord, to rest in Your love and abide in You during my time in hospital, and help me to get a good nights rest here, for my hope is in You. Draw me ever closer to Your heart of love and give me Your peace and hope in my heart. In Jesus' name I pray,


I pray for my mother

Prayed for 153 time. I Prayed For This
I pray lord Jesus to be with my mother while she in hospital
Received: August 19, 2015