New Hospital Patient’s Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you a little confused and a little afraid as I have had to be admitted to hospital and Lord, I am a little frightened and apprehensive as well. Support me I pray, and be with me through all the tests and things that I have to go through, and Lord, I ask that I would be able to return home soon.

Be with my family I pray, and all those that I love and keep them from worrying. And Lord, I also ask that You would be with the other patients in this ward as there seem to be many people that are lonely and even seem lost.

Help me Lord, to rest in Your love and abide in You during my time in hospital, and help me to get a good nights rest here, for my hope is in You. Draw me ever closer to Your heart of love and give me Your peace and hope in my heart. In Jesus' name I pray,