Prayer For Grace And Understanding

Heavenly Father, in a world that is becoming more and more alienated from You and increasingly critical of others people, I ask for Your grace and understanding so that I may live godly in Christ Jesus and not be adversely affected by the divisions and disunity that seem to be infiltrating the church body as well as the secular world system.
Father, I know that the Bible tells us that in these end days, the love of many will grow cold and it seems that we are living in the midst of a generation that has become cold-hearted, indifferent, unloving and disinterested in their fellow man.
Give me the ability to live in this world without being affected by its critical spirit, and give me the understanding and grace to love others as Christ has loved me, to consider the needs and desires of others as before my own and to value other people above myself, even when I am the butt of their criticism. May Jesus be seen in me in all I say and do, and may His love influence all I think and am. I ask this in Jesus' precious name,