Prayer For Family Restoration

Heavenly Father, thank You that You care for all of Your creation and all of Your children, but Lord, there are so many areas in our home and family life that are gong wrong that it seems that our whole family is about to implode.

Father, I know that we have all made mistakes. I know that have made mistakes and ask Your forgiveness. We have all made some foolish choices, but Father I know that You are in the business of restoring those that are hurting and mending those that are broken, and I pray that You would restore our broken family at this time.

Lord, I come to You for guidance and help to restore our family’s relationships. I pray that we would renew our love for each other and may the respect that we used to show to one another return. Restore the family unity we once enjoyed and may we all look to You to lead and guide us as we move forward in our relationship with each other and with You. I ask this in Jesus' name,