Prayer For All Those Working In Hospitals

Dear Father God, thank You for all those that have chosen to work in our hospitals and clinics so that they may help others who are seriously ill or needing some specialist health care.

Bless the nursing staff and doctors, and all those that make up the different medical teams, the various therapist, anaesthetists and surgeons, as well as the admin staff and ancillary workers. Bless each staff member, all of whom are so vital to the smooth running of our health centres and hospitals.

Give each one the wisdom and patience to work in this stressful environment, and may Your quiet calmness and peace settle in their hearts, as they work together to care for all their patients.

May our clinics and hospitals be truly caring environments and prevent those who work in them from becoming impersonal or disinterested in those for who they care, but rather may the love of Jesus show forth in each one. I pray that many of our hospital staff who do not yet know You, may come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord.