Prayer For A Husband Undergoing Surgery

Dear God, my husband is undergoing surgery and I feel so alone when he is not around. Lord please help me to trust You in this situation – I realise that all the securities upon which I have been resting are being taken down one by one – including my husband upon whom I rely so heavily.

Lord Jesus, I know that I could become fearful and afraid – knowing that I have depended upon him so much in the past. But Lord I can also see Your hand in this for I know that in my heart that it is You upon Whom I should depend and You in Whom I should place my trust – and Lord that is what I am doing now. Be with us both I pray –uphold us with Your righteous right hand and keep us trusting fully in You for the right and best outcome and for the strength to go through this surgery.

Lord I do lift up my heart in prayer to as You and ask that You would be with my husband and me as he faces this operation. I pray that You would give the doctors and nurses the skill to bring him back to full health and strength. But no matter what the outcome I pray that You would give us the strength to trust all our tomorrows into Your hands – for I believe that Your grace is sufficient for all our trials and tests in life. Father I pray that as unpleasant as this operation is, that through it You would draw us closer to You and to each other in Jesus name I pray,