Young Christian Student’s Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that I may be the best that I can be in my studies and to develop a hunger to learn and the ability to organise my study time and the ability to retain and apply those things that are important to learn and retain.

Lord, make me a willing student I pray and give me a thirst for the right sort of knowledge – not just the accumulation of irrelevant facts, but a wisdom to know how to apply all that I have learned in my daily life.

I pray that I would find grace in the eyes of my teachers and especially those that seem to want to destroy the faith of their students. Give me the grace and wisdom extend a helping hand and a friendly smile to all with whom I come in contact and help me to deal with the other students and staff that seem to have a vendetta against those of us that trust in Jesus as our God and Saviour.

Lord I want to grow into a mature believer and there are many areas in my life that need Your fine tuning.. help me to be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to correct and train me – even when I would prefer to have my own way! Let me never forget that without You at the helm of my life I can do nothing – but that with You as the Anchor to my soul I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me the strength. Help me Lord to be the best that I can be in Jesus name I pray,