Intercession For Our Land

Dear God, give the leaders of this nation the wisdom and integrity to lead our nation in the best direction, where You are put in Your rightful position - and give each one discernment I pray, when making decisions or drawing up the legislation and laws that they pass - and may the decisions that they reach be godly and wise.

I pray also that You would protect our nation from other peoples that may seek to enter our borders, uninvited and ask that You would be with us and keep our roads, ports, borders and crossings safe and uncompromised.

As the days become increasingly dark in our country I pray that the light of Your love will shine on this land. May peace reign in our nation and protect us from those that would seek our downfall, I pray.

I really thank You that you have placed me in this land and I am grateful that I am a citizen of this nation – but I know that my home is in heaven,