When Things In Life Keep Going Wrong

Dear God, I feel that everything in my life is going wrong and the dreams that I had in the past just seem to have shattered. People have let me down, my health seems to be failing, and life seems to be one long disappointment after another.

Give me Your strength I pray to carry on, and help me to pick up the shattered pieces of my life and move on in Your strength, not regretting the past but rather learning from it. Lord, I know that Your strength and power must have sustained me even when I did not realise it, for You have promised to be with me through every difficult situation. Thank You for being there.

Help me Lord, to trust You and to unburden all my sorrows and disappointment to You. Help me to pour out my heart to You, just as the Psalmist did, for I know that You listen to the cries of Your children and that You alone are my help and strength. Lord, I know in my heart that You alone are all I need. Help me to rest on this fact.

Thank You that You have promised to be with me and never slumber nor sleep. You have promised to preserve my goings out and my comings in, and every moment in between. Thank You Lord, in Jesus' name,