For Wisdom In The Gifts Entrusted To Me

Loving Lord, instil in me a grateful and generous heart I pray, and may I grow in grace and mature in the faith so that I may be entrusted by You to walk in Your ways and to give generously and cheerfully of all the time, treasures and talents that You have graciously bestowed on me.

Lord, I know that at times I have not offered of myself sacrificially, but Father, I desire to be a grateful and generous child of Yours, who brings glory to Your name in all I say and do and am.

Give me wisdom to use what You have entrusted to me in a way that is pleasing to You and helpful to others. Help me always to acknowledge You as my provider and keep me from selfishly hoarding the gifts You have entrusted to me, but rather to give with a cheerful and generous heart to all my brothers and sisters in need. I ask this in Jesus' name,