To Be Open To Discern God’s Will And Ways

Thank You, Father, for Your great love for me and that You know my needs and the paths that I will take in the future. Help me to discern what my future needs are, and not to confuse them with my own fleshly desires or the vanities of my heart. Give me true discernment, I pray

Lord, my heart is open to Your leading and guidance and my desire is that I do only those things that are righteous in Your sight. For the sake of Your name, I pray that I may be quiet to listen to Your voice and slow to assume that I know Your will when it is my own fleshly thinking. Give me true discernment I pray, to know Your will.

Lord, I know that Your ways are inscrutable and Your mind is unknowable and yet, You have chosen to take up residence in my feeble body. I pray that I may be used of You to be a good and faithful witness in all I say and do. My desire is to do Your will and not mine.  Give me true discernment I pray, and wise council. I ask this in Jesus' name,