Prayer of Hope in My Disappointments

Dear heavenly Father I come to You pleading for You to restore my soul; revive my heart and lead me along the right path for the future for so much in life has become a disappointment and I know that I have strayed far from You.

Thank You Lord for reminding me that my citizenship is in heaven and that the things of this world will only cause me disappointments and distress. Help me to hold lightly to the things of this world and it's enticing possessions, but keep my heart focussed on Jesus I pray, knowing that He will never disappoint me or fail me.

Refresh my weary soul I pray, and may I be like a tree that has been planted by the flowing rivers of life and may I sink my roots deeply into You Lord Jesus, knowing that my hope is in You alone… Fill me I pray with all hope and joy in believing and may I draw ever closer to You that by the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name I pray,