Teach Me To Pray, Lord

Dear Lord Jesus, what a privilege we have as Your blood-bought children to be able to enter the throne-room of grace and bring our prayers and supplication right into the presence of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. So Father God, teach me to pray. Please teach me to pray Lord.

My heart longs to pray in the way that is pleasing to You Father, so that my prayers are both powerful and effective. I want to know You better so that I may know Your will. Then, I can pray into Your perfect plans and purposes, not only in my own life and the lives of those that I love, but also in a world where lost people are dying and souls are in despair. But Lord, I understand that only as I abide in You and rest my weary soul in Your loving arms, by submitting to Your Holy Spirit, day by day in spirit and truth, will my prayers and pleadings accomplish the wonderful results that are honouring to You.

Teach me Your will I pray, through Your Word, and may Your guiding Holy Spirit turn the thoughts of my heart towards those things that You have planned and purposed. Then I will truly be praying into Your will, so that Your name may be glorified in my life and the lives of others.

Teach me day by day to pray as I ought. In Jesus' name I pray,