Prayers For World Leaders

Loving Father, at a time when there is increasing unrest and growing fear of what is coming on the earth, we bring before You the leaders of the various nations of the world, and pray that in Your grace and mercy You would intervene and help those that are suffering so greatly in so many nations.
We pray that world leaders would seek after wisdom and justice, mercy and truth, freedom, godly grace and a desire to know You more and more. We pray that those that are deliberately opposing Your will and pushing an anti-God agenda, would be removed from their office and that their plans and purposes would be exposed, and become ineffective.
We grieve for those that are living in war-torn countries of where there is much blood-shed, corruption and unrest in their governments, and pray that in Your pity and grace You would intervene, by removing corrupt leaders and replacing them with those of integrity.
But Lord, we also know that until the Lord Jesus returns as Prince of Pease to set up His millennial kingdom, the current unrest, wars and rumours of wars, corruption and distress will continue. And so we pray that You would be merciful to those that are suffering due to the increasing unrest and fear that is sweeping the nations of the world today. This we ask in Jesus' name,