Prayer For All Round Fruitfulness

Lord Jesus, I pray that I may grow in grace and increase in Christlikeness day by day. I pray that in every area of my life I may be more fruitful and learn to grow more like the Lord Jesus Christ, with each passing day.
Lord, I know that there is much within me that needs to be rooted out, refined and removed and I ask that You would examine my inner heart to discover any areas of my life that need to be hammered on the anvil of Your corrective love.
Search me Lord, and examine my heart and my attitudes, and may I keep my old fleshly self and the old sinful nature nailed to the cross of Christ, and learn to walk in spirit and truth more and more.
Help me I pray, to depend on you without reservation, so that my life may become increasingly fruitful in each area that is lacking.
May I decrease in my own eyes so that Christ may increase in me, for I know that it is only as He lives in me and I in Him that I will become the fruit-bearing branch that honours you. This I ask in Jesus' name,