Prayers For United Nations

Father, we come to You to pray about the United Nations knowing that they are pursuing an agenda that is so often counter to the truth of Your Word, and at times seems diametrically opposed to godly principles. 
Father, we recognise that many of their programmes and policies are couched in issues like sustainable development, global warming, global consciousness, and civil liberties, and we begin to realise that behind much of their agenda is a spirit of control.
Father, we know that You are in full control of all that takes place in our world, and that members of the United Nations can do nothing that is not permitted by You. We pray that You will expose anything that is designed to undermine godly principles in our lives, and pray that You would remove anyone who abuses their power or is seeking to place people under bondage or manipulate the world’s resources for their own personal advantage.
Lord, we know that the time is short and that the Lord Jesus will return to take the Church to be with Himself very soon, but we pray that in Your grace, You would alert those Christians that have not yet recognised the serious implication of these UN subtle policies that are being implemented and which are designed to enslave the world, eliminate state sovereignty and bring in the false religion of the Anti-Christ.
Father, the world needs judgement, but we plead that in Your wrath You would show mercy, and we pray that many would repent of their support of the UN and come to saving faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, before it is too late. We ask this in Jesus' name,