Prayer For Success For The Body Of Christ

Heavenly Father, thank You that I am part of the body of Christ and that we are all one in Christ Jesus our Lord. Father, I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Christ, so many of Whom are going through dangers and difficulties, persecution and pain, and Father, I pray that you would guard and guide, protect and provide for all that are in the household of faith,and that through us individually and corporately we may glorify You.

Provide for each one today, and I pray as did the apostle John that each one may prosper in body, soul and spirit. I pray that no matter what difficulties cross their path that they may prosper in the things of God and be worthy witnesses of the goodness and long-suffering of our Lord. Help each member of the body seek after the success that comes only from You, but which lasts forever. Keep us all from seeking after the things of this world, which are so soon to be cast away, but to seek first the kingdom of God, knowing that true success and heavenly rewards come only for those that have their hearts on that which is pleasing in Your sight

Keep us all from hankering after the empty success that comes from the world, financial and fame, social and relational, knowing that being out of Your will is a recipe for disappointment and failure.

Draw us all ever closer to You and help us to set our hearts on things above and not on things below, knowing that our citizenship is in heaven and that only through Christ as Saviour can we truly be successful. In Jesus' name I pray,