Prayers For My Gambling Habit

Dear Lord, I have got myself into a really bad state, and I can’t seem to break free from this gambling habit. It is causing me much distress as well as loads of problems and pressures at home.
It started off to help me fill the emptiness in my life, but it has taken hold of me and I know that there is no way that I can stop without Your help. Help me Lord, to break free from this compulsive, gambling habit.
I ask Your forgiveness for allowing this to take such a hold of me and for the pain and hurt that this has caused to others, and especially those that I love the most. I thank You for the people that You have put in my path to support and encourage me this this difficult time, and I ask that in Your strength You would help me to leave this life-style right behind.
Lord, I know that Jesus died to pay the price for all my sin and I know that only in Him can I truly break free, so I ask in the name of Jesus that You would give me the sufficient grace to leave this gambling life-style behind completely, and I will give You all the praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray,