Prayers For A Gambling Husband

Heavenly Father, I am grieved in my spirit and come to You with a heavy heart, knowing that my husband has become chronically addicted to gambling.
It started off quite innocuously but has developed into a cruel and terrible gambling addiction and I ask that in Your grace You would convict his heart of this dreadful compulsion, and help him to break free from his gambling habit once and for all.
Father he seems unaware that he is hurting me and the family so deeply and I pray that You would give me Your sufficient grace and strength to get through each day and to maintain some degree of sanity in our home.
Lord I pray that whatever it takes that You would arrest his attention and bring Him to a realisation of what destruction this gambling habit has brought upon himself and his family - and bring him to deep repentance before Your throne of grace I pray. Convict him Lord of His need of Jesus for salvation and give him the realisation that he must break free from his compulsive gambling habit. .
Lord I pray forgiveness for the wrong things that my husband has done to me and the family and I ask that You would protect us from any anger outbursts and bring him to deep repentance – so that we may live our married life as You intended – this I ask in Jesus name,