Prayer On Overcoming Bitterness

Father, I confess that my life has become filled with bitterness and the thoughts that so often have been flooding my mind are like toxic poisons that eat into my very being. Lord, I know that this excludes me from any form of right thinking. I have found it so difficult to understand why my prayers seem to be ignored when the circumstances of my life have become so burdensome and heavy.

Father, I confess that the difficulties that seem to have hit me all at one time have caused self-pity to flood my soul and a root of bitterness against You has even started to grow within my heart, which has frankly shocked me. I realise that I am the only one that is being damaged by this destructive attitude and pray that in Your mercy, You would change my heart back to one that trusts You, instead of one that doubts Your goodness.

Help me Lord. I come to You humbled in heart and seeking You to change my focus from an obsession with myself and my own problems, to a correct Christian focus on Jesus and all that He has done for me. Lift me out of this pit of bitterness that I have dug for myself, and renew a right spirit within me I pray. Cleanse me I pray, and give me the grace to turn back to You with a heart that truly trusts and depends on You. In Jesus' name I pray,