Prayer To Lift Up The Name Of Jesus

How we praise and magnify the lovely name of Jesus, Who set aside the glory He had in heaven with the Father before the world was made, to come to earth and be born as a man, so that through His perfect life and sacrificial death, sinners such as I may be redeemed from the pit of destruction, forgiven of our sins and have peace with God the Father.

Thank You, Jesus, that You made Yourself of no reputation and were born as a humble slave so that You could live a perfect life and become the sinless sacrifice for the sin of the whole world. Thank You, that you are the propitiation for our sins and that by believing in You we have been returned into sweet fellowship with the Father.

Dear Jesus, You alone deserve all our honour and glory and worship and praise, and I confess You as my Lord and Saviour, now and for evermore. Praise Your holy name.