Prayer For A Father Who Is An Alcoholic

Dear Father God, my heart is so sad for my father and I am very concerned about the way that he has become such a heavy drinker. I know that he has had a very difficult life and that he is using his drinking habit to cover up a heart that has been bruised and badly scarred, but Father, his alcoholism is causing him so much harm and hurt, and I grieve for the life that he is forging out for himself.

Dear Lord, would You help him to become free of this terrible addiction to drink, and show us what we can do to help and encourage him to become free from this curse that is not only ruining his own life, but which has such negative repercussion in our home as well.

Lord, I love my father, but we are becoming desperate and are turning to You to help us to help him to break his addiction to alcohol.

Most loving Father, I am so sad about my father's life. I suppose I will never know all that happened to him along the way and I can never even imagine what inner pain his drinking is covering up, but it hurts so much to see him trapped in this pattern. And, as frustrated as we are, we will all enable him somehow. Please help us all be healed. Help us to take the steps we need. Help my father come to see his powerlessness before this addiction. Let him turn to You alone for help.