Prayer To Be Able To Sleep At Night

Heavenly Father, too often I lie awake at night and find that am unable to catch hold of sleep, because my mind continues to toss and turn over all the problems of the day which seem to swirl around my mind, when I know that I should be sleeping soundly.

Lord, I know that You have fashioned our bodies in such a way that they need a daily cycle of rest, refreshment and rejuvenation, and I pray that You would enable me to hand over all my worries and concerns to You day by day, and especially when I lie down to sleep at night-time.

Thank You, Father, that as my heavenly Shepherd You have promised to lead me beside the still waters, to make me to lie down safely in green pastures, to restore my soul and to give me Your beloved sleep in its proper time.

Thank You, Lord, for the many precious promises You give to all Your children, and I pray that tonight and in the days ahead, that I will both lie down and sleep soundly on my bed at night in peace, for You alone can make me to dwell in safety. This I ask in the name of Jesus,