Prayer For Colleagues At The Start Of A Day

Dear Lord, I lift up my hands and heart to You this morning as I start to prepare myself for another day at work. I ask You to lead and guide me in all I say and do, and by Your grace, may I bring glory to Your name throughout this day. Look down I pray, with grace and mercy on every one of my work colleagues as they travel to and from work and as we spend the day working alongside each other, in our various tasks and duties.

Lord, I bring each one of my colleagues to You this morning, thanking You for the life of each one and the part that they play in our work together. Thank You also, for those who have made a commitment to You as their Saviour and I pray that together, we may demonstrate the love of the Lord Jesus as we carry out our daily tasks together.

Lord, I particularly lift those of my work colleagues who have not yet accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and plead Your pity and mercy over them. Lord, I know that it is not Your will that anyone should perish but that all come to a trusting faith in Jesus, and Lord, I am praying that Your will be done in each and every life. Convict every one of their need of salvation, Lord. Please give me wisdom to know when to say something about You and when to remain quiet. Bless this day and all with whom I share it, and may Your will be done in my life, from this day forward and for evermore. In Jesus' name I pray,