Prayer Of Forgiveness For Past Disappointment

Loving Lord, please help me to let go of all the disappointments of the past and to forgive those that have hurt and disappointed me so deeply. Keep me from all bitterness Lord. I know that I am holding resentment in my heart, and that this is destructive to my own peace and my relationship with You.

Lord, I am finding forgiveness so very difficult. Help me I pray.

Lord, I know that only in Your strength can I truly forgive those who have hurt me in the way that Christ forgives me. I understand that I can only forgive others as I allow the forgiveness of Christ to flow through me. He even said, “Father forgive”, to those that crucified Him on the cross, so help me to forgive in that same way, I pray.

Loving Lord, I know in my heart that forgiveness is a choice that I have to make. Help me to make the right choice. Help me to choose to let forgiveness flood my heart, so that I am not nursing grievances within, and so that healing of my own heart can start to take place.

I ask this in the name of Jesus,