Prayer For Stress Over Finances

Loving Lord Jesus, I don’t know what to do as my finances are not improving and I feel incapable of getting myself back onto the road to financial recovery. In fact Lord, it seems that the more that I try to help myself the more financial difficulties I seem to have to face.
I know Lord, that You hold the future and that our times and our finances are in Your hands. I pray that I would be enabled to accept this truth in my heart and not just know it as a fact in my head. I know that You have promised to be our help in time of need, and I just find it difficult to trust You, and so I come to You Lord to say I am trusting in You to help me get through this difficult time and ask that You would help me to learn to cast all my cares and worries on You and to trust You in all things.
Help me to depend on You and not to try to always fix things myself, and help me to learn the truth that Your grace is sufficient in all things.
Teach me Your ways I pray. Teach me to have real faith in You, faith that is able to say, "Thy will not mine be done." Faith that depends on You no matter what difficulties I may be facing. This I ask in Jesus' name,