Prayer For A Grandchild Who Has Gone Astray

Dear Loving Lord, how grieved I am that my precious grandchild whom I love so dearly has chosen to walk away from you and to seemingly forge a future without God in their life.

Lord, You know that this dear grandchild has been taught the truth of Scripture from the cradle and has been covered in pray from many quarters, even before being born. And Lord, You know that as a child they were taught the truth of the Lord Jesus and even made a commitment at an early age to accept You as their Saviour. Father, it grieves and saddens me and I plead with You to intervene in their life and bring them back to You.

Father, I know that nothing can snatch Your little lambs from Your hands or Your Father’s hands. I trust You Lord, that You will keep Your hand upon my grandchild so that they return into Your loving arms of forgiveness.

Thank You, Lord, that even we become careless and unfaithful to You, You never give up on us. Lord, I trust the future of my grandchild into Your hands and pray that whatever it takes, You would draw them back into the way of truth. In Jesus' name I pray,