Prayer Regarding Success

Dear Lord, I know that my ways are not Your ways and Your perspective on my life is different from my own, and Lord at times I long to be more successful in all that I do and all that I try to achieve, not only in my personal life but also in every area of life, my home-life, my work life, my relationships, my recreational times and even my religious activities.

But Lord, the more I read through the Scriptures, the more I come to understand that so much of what I yearn for in life, such as getting on and being successful in work and play, is not necessarily the best thing for me to desire, knowing that this could cause me to wander far from You, to leave my first-love and to become increasingly dependent on myself and less and less dependent upon You.

Help me Lord, to get the right balance between wanting to be successful in all I do, so that my life glorifies my Father in heaven, which truly is the desire of my heart, and becoming successful in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons, for my own honour and glory.

May I become increasingly dependent on You so that whether I have much or a little, I may live my life successfully in Your eyes. Help me to set my heart on Your desires, Your will, Your kingdom. Help me to yearn more and more to be successful in my Christian work and my spiritual growth, rather than in seeking the empty success of the world and the empty prosperity that is from the world, even if it means having to diminish in my eyes and in the esteem of others. May I see You first and Your righteousness Lord and not hanker after the things of this world. To Your praise and glory, in Jesus' name I pray,