Prayer For A Tragic Accident At Work

Oh Father God, I am so distressed that one of my colleagues at work has been involved in a fatal accident. It is such a shock, not only to me and to my colleagues, but also to his dear wife and their children too.

Lord, we are all in shock and grieving at this tragic loss, and ask for Your comfort and strength as we all try to come to terms with what has happened, and how this life has been snatched away from us all, so suddenly.

Shine the light of Your hope and comfort into the hearts of all that have been affected by this very sad and sudden death, and I pray that You will provide all that is needful for his family, now that their bread-winner has been taken from them so suddenly and tragically.

May this be a reminder to us all of how very fragile our lives are, and also may it cause each of us to examine our own hearts to see where we stand with God. And Lord, for any who do not know You, I pray that this may be the catalyst to cause them to turn to Christ for their Salvation, for our only hope of eternal life is in You alone. This I ask in Jesus' name,