Prayer For Future Generations

Dear heavenly Father, today I come to Your throne of grace to pray for the next generation of young people,- that You would protect those that know You as their Saviour from being negatively influenced by the unbiblical worldview that is flooding our schools and colleges today, and also for those young people that have not yet trusted You as their Saviour – or who have become disillusioned  with their life, and without hope in the world
Father skepticism and relativism seems to be flooding the into the educating system and causing many young people to become confused about their faith and to walk away from what they once held dear.. Stem to flood-tide of secular humanism and the various ungodly philosophies that are sweeping through the nation we pray, and reveal Yourself to a generation that has strayed so far from the truth of Your  Word. 
Forgive us Lord that as individuals and as a nation we have strayed so far from Your precepts and have allowed a generation to be born that has little knowledge or understanding about Your glorious plan of salvation and the glorious gospel of grace. In Your mercy move we pray in this generation and halt the cultural tide that has undermined our roots  and cause us to become disconnected from You the only source of life and light and move we pray to turn the next generation into men and women that turn back to the God who created them and sent His only begotten Son to die for their sins – this we ask in Jesus name,