Prayer For Alcoholic Wife

Oh Lord, I am devastated, as the wife, I love so dearly has become almost estranged from me. She has started drinking.. and it is a habit that is almost out of control.

Forgive me Lord for not seeing the tell-tale signs earlier, but I have been so busy with my work schedule, that I have only really begun to understand the devastating effect that alcohol has had on my dear wife.

I have to call it what it is – alcoholism – and it grieves me that she has changed almost out of recognition and has little interest in the home, or me, or the children – or anything else.

I pray with all my heart that You would help me to help my wife reverse this destructive habit, and return her to the loving, caring  wife I remember. 

Give me the strength and wisdom to support her so that she may be set free from her alcohol addiction – I believe Your grace is sufficient even to cope with this and I pray that whatever it takes.. You will bring her back from this dependency on drink and to return her into Your loving arms – and mine – this I ask in Jesus name,