Help Me To Wait For Your Timing And Purpose

Heavenly Father I thank You that You have started a good work in me and I trust You to complete it in the day of Christ Jesus – oh, but Father there is a part of me that wants to be up and doing things for You – and I find it so difficult to wait for Your timing and await Your leading in my life and yet I know that this is what You want me to do.

Please help me to learn to quietly wait upon You and to rest in Your love – knowing that you have scheduled every day of my life. Give me the courage and wisdom to be still and to wait quietly, patiently and expectantly knowing that Your timing is perfect and that You know the plans that You have purposed for my life, even though I do not!

Father I trust You and I love You – and I praise and thank You that Your grace is sufficient for me, no matter how lonely my life my be or how mundane the path I am treading –but thank You Father that You are with me every moment of the day. Thank You that You are a faithful God who will complete the good work that You have started in me – in Your time and in Your way – Praise Your name for ever and ever