For God’s Healing Touch On Our Lives

Bless the Lord oh my soul and may I never forget Your gracious benefits, for You are the divine physician and are able to touch every part of our lives with Your redeeming love. Lord, we live in a fallen world and each one of us needs Your healing touch in so many ways on our lives, for none of us are exempt from the ravages of sin and none of us are immune from sickness and suffering, and so I come to You today to ask for Your healing touch in every area of our lives.

Lord, I know that sickness and suffering, pain and death is a reality in life, for in this world we will have tribulation, and yet a life that is surrendered to You is one that is able to give thanks to You in everything, knowing that You are able and willing to be with us and uphold us in every area of life, for Your grace is sufficient in all and every situation.

Lord, I believe this to be true, for Your Word is faithful and true. I also believe that You are able to heal every manner of disease and sickness and so I pray for Your healing touch in every area of my life, and in the lives of all whom I love, body and soul, as well as spirit. But Lord, I also know that You often permit sickness and suffering in an amazing way to draw us ever closer to Yourself.

Lord, I give You my life and surrender all to You, for I desire the full and total healing, the sort of healing that brings glory to You. Thank You that I am Your child and You are the great and mighty physician. Bless the Lord oh my soul, and may I never forget Your gracious benefits, for You pardon all my iniquities, heal all my diseases, have redeemed my life from the pit, and have crowned me with loving-kindness and tenderness. Thank You, Father, in Jesus' name,