Grateful Thanks For My Job

Lord, I thank You so much for the job that You have provided. I know that there are many, many people who are not so fortunate as I, and I am so grateful that you have kept me in my position. I pray that You will continue to keep me employed so that I may provide for my precious family, and Lord, I pray that You would keep us all safe from harm and continue to provide for all our needs.

Lord, I also want to pray for the many people who are not so fortunate as I, who do not have a job and who have little hope of securing one in this tough economic climate. Lord, I bring each one to You and pray in Your mercy You would provide for their needs and - oh Lord that they too might be graced with a job in the not too distant future

Lord, I recognise that all good things come from You, but the bad things are from the evil one. Look down with pity Lord on all who need employment at this time. I pray this in Jesus' name,