For My Future In This Economically Bleak World

Lord, I had such dreams of the future when I was a little younger, and had made such wonderful plans for my life and my family, but now Lord with the economic crises and all that is going on around our world today, which seems to want to smash down what is left of the Judeo Christian standards, the future looks so very bleak. 

But I thank You for the reminder that You have given me from my pastor and what I have learned from my own Bible studies, that this world is not our home, but just a place and that we are simply passing through on our way to our heavenly residence, which You have prepared for us in heaven.

What a wonderful future You have planned for all Your children. As the days get darker and the world seems to become more evil, I am realising that You are using this to cause Your children to break free from the hold that this world has on so many of us.

Lord, thank You for reminding me that I am not to become too comfortable in this world, but to prepare my heart for the time that we will be with You in heaven. Keep my family and me in this increasingly bleak economic world, and provide for all our needs while we are here. I pray that You would bring us home soon to our glorious heavenly home, where we will be for ever with You. in Jesus' name,